Looking for someone to assist with your writing project? Sandy Serge and Mark Waterbury are two seasoned writers who can fulfill your freelance writing needs for you. With a combined 75 years of writing experience, including creative, non-fiction, and  journalistic writing; and superior editing skills, we will use our craft and expertise to create work that surpasses your expectations and meets your deadlines at affordable prices.  complete the form to tell us about your current and future writing projects and we will respond once we review your submission. Thank you.


Sandy Serge

Sandy Serge was born in Sheboygan, Wisconsin and moved to Atlanta, Georgia in the mid-1980’s. She began writing poems in her teens and has written and edited verse, poetry, songs, articles, press releases, and newsletters ever since, with many published works to her credit. She has been active in the music industry for a significant number of years, working with national and independent recording artists. Sandy acquired B.S. in Marketing and M.S. in Communications degrees from LaSalle University. She also has a certificate in Music Management from the Music Business Institute and minored in Interpretive Dance and Journalism at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee while majoring in music. You can find out more information about Sandy Serge at www.sergemediagroup.com.

Mark E. Waterbury

Mark E. Waterbury has been a journalist for over three decades, primarily in the field of music journalism. His articles have been published in national publications including the Navy Times, Billboard Magazine, Music Connection and Trains  Magazine, as well as local publications including the Mayport Mirror, The Isthmus, and Wisconsin State Journal. He has also co-published independent music publications The Keynote and Rock Central, and has written for other indie publications including Badger Entertainer, and Night Sites and Sounds. He was a featured writer throughout the publication history of Music Morsels and is still writing for their current CD review blog.

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General Fees
News Articles (web related): $15-50 per page
E-books: $15-25 per page
Books – Fiction/Non-fiction/ –  $40 – $60/hour
Ghostwriting: $75 per page
Radio Commentary: $200 per hour
Magazine articles: $500-$2000 per article (dependent on word count)
Articles for web content, not related to news: $10-$50 per article based on word count and other aspects of the job (such as keywords, etc.)
Press Releases (1-2 pages): $250 – $500
Bios (1-2 pages): $250 – $500
Editorial Management (magazine/per issue): $500 to $5000
Brochures (no graphics work): $300-$2500
Newsletters: $200 to $1000
Proofreading: $30 – $35/hour
Editing: $40 – $60/Hour
Rewrites: Hourly Rate

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