Need to find that perfect song for that perfect moment in your film, TV show, broadcast advertisement, video game or webcast? Serge Entertainment can find and license the music you need through our music supervision services. With over four decades experience in all facets of the music business, we have relationships with publishers, labels, songwriters, musicians, bands and composers of all levels. We will liaison with your creative team and handle all aspects of acquiring the music you need; from finding suitable music options for you to choose from, to negotiating licensing fees that will fit within your budget constraints, to overseeing the paperwork involved with licensing the music. Serge Entertainment Music Supervision can help make one of the more difficult but very important facets of your project that much easier.

Listen to examples from our music library here:

The Austin Jones Band, rising indie rockers from Houston comparable to bands such as Jimmy Eat World, Deathcab for Cutie, Dashboard Confessional.
HOT TRACK – “Living It Loud”
Click this link for song samples: Austin Jones Band

“Tune In To MIND Radio”:  Music running the gamut of alt rock, hard rock, new age, world, with both instrumental and vocal songs.
HOT TRACK – “Perfect Day”
Click this link for song samples: Tune In To MIND Radio

NineDollarMelonBaller: Pop alt rockers have a sound comparable to bands ranging from Live and Train to Taking Back Sunday.
HOT TRACK – “Drown”
Click this link for song samples:  NineDollarMelonBaller

Dominic Gaudious: Instrumental guitarist ranging rock to folk to new age to various world styles, and has been compared to the likes of Leo Kottke, Pierre Bensusan, and Joe Satriani.
HOT TRACK – “Space & Time”
Click this link for song samples: Dominic Gaudious

Cookie Rabinowitz:  A singer/songwriter with a modern sound blending alt rock/R&B/hip-hop and other styles in the vein of Bruno Mars, Maroon 5 and Robin Thicke among others.
HOT TRACK – “Crakka Smile”
Click this link for song samples: Cookie Rabinowitz

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