General Campaign

Fees: $50/hour plus expenses
Minimum: 10 hours per month ($500/month plus expenses)
Recommended: 25 hours per month ($1250/month plus expenses)

Contractual Terms: 3 months and up

Minimum: 3 months
Recommended: 6-12 months
Effective publicity campaign terms are generally 6-12 months.


– Press release writing and delivery – $250-$500
~ Other hourly plans available: $750/month (15 hours), $1000/month (20 hours)
~ Serge Entertainment PR / Serge Media Group can be retained on a monthly basis with a retainer fee of $2000/month. This retainer offers up to 44 hours per month including 4 free hours beyond 40. Clients are billed on a monthly basis for expenses incurred on their behalf by Serge Entertainment PR / Serge Media Group. With this campaign, expenses are for mailing costs only.
~ We also work on a per project basis. Call us for fees.

Payment Terms

One month retainer deposit is required upon contract signing. Retainers below $1000 per month are due in full for the minumum three month term on the onset of your campaign. We do not accept monthly payments for retainers below $1000. Retainer payments to Serge Entertainment PR / Serge Media Group are due on the first of each month during the contractual term unless they are below $1000, in which case full payment for three months is due upon contract signing. Expenses for the month are billed on our around the first day of the following month. Expense payments are due 15 days after receipt of invoice.