Want your CD reviewed on web sites or e-zines? Want to drive traffic to your site? Want to receive digital distribution? How about internet radio airplay? We can design a campaign focusing specifically towards the internet or we can supplement your off-line publicity with internet marketing. We can acquire CD reviews on the numerous webzines/blogs regionally, nationally or around the world.

Social Networking

We help you manage your social networking sites by requesting more friends; posting news items; creating contests; and/or creating pages on popular social networking sites such as facebook and reverbnation.

Blogs/Music Review Sites

We submit your presskit and CD to the most popular webzines and blogs for reviews. Your reviews can reach thousands of people worldwide. And we help promote those reviews to your fan base.

Online Radio/Podcasts

As part of your campaign, we investigate the internet streaming radio stations and podcasts that spin your genre of music and submit your music to the appropriate stations in digital form or CD format. Your music can then reach millions of people throughout the world, thanks to the scope of these radio broadcasts. We alert your fans to tune in once radio airplay has been established on the premier internet stations in our database.

Music Site Uploads

We convert 1-3 songs from your CD to the Mp3 format and upload them to music web sites exposing your music to numerous music fans worldwide. This broadens your marketing reach and allows your music to be heard by a variety of potential music fans visiting these sites. Most sites allow visitor comments which we always pass on to you, the client.


We can help you create a banner for your social networking pages as well as for feature articles on web sites to help drive traffic to your digital store or link to your official web site.

Email Blasts

We send out email blasts to our media contacts alerting them to all the exciting news surrounding your music career.

Press Releases

We alert media contacts via email of all newsworthy events in your career such as shows, airplay, sync licensing deals, sponsorships, etc. Just keep us informed and we’ll get the word out for you to news services and the appropriate web media.


We can create blog posts for your to post on your blogging site and/or create comments for us to post on blogging sites. We also pitch your music to notable music industry bloggers.

Fan Newsletters

We can help you create your own personalized fan newsletter to be distributed monthly by us on your behalf. This is the best way to alert your fans to news, shows, new merchandise, radio airplay, reviews or web site updates regarding you and your music. We can also hold contests and announce them for you in your newsletter.


We register your sites with the most popular search engines, optimizing your site using important meta-tags that allow your sites to be listed first and foremost.

Internet Chats/Webcasts

We will assist you with scheduling internet chats with your fans and arrange webcasts for your special performances upon your request (webcasters may charge an additional fee).

Online Retailers (optional)

We help you reach your audience globally by placing your CD in select online retailers. We recommend CD Baby at http://www.cdbaby.com which is the best online retailer for all genres of music. CD Baby provides you with the name, address and email address for all customers that purchase your CD. They also provide you with a graphic used to link your site directly to theirs for easy customer access. CD Baby now reports all sales to Soundscan and will also place your music in popular digital download stores such as itunes.


Our internet marketing campaigns are currently $750 for a three month campaign plus expenses. Expenses include fedex overnight delivery fees and postage for mailing presskits, if necessary. For more info, please contact us at SergeEnt@aol.com.