Talent Buyer’s Testimonials

Without question, Petty Hearts was one of the most fun and entertaining events we have had in our theatre. Our audience loved the performance, and they are already asking when The Petty Hearts will be coming back. An energetic two hour show that truly celebrates the music and life of Tom Petty.

Matt Santini - General Manager - Grand Theater - Cartersville, GA

The crowd just loved Thomas Fountain and those that didn't come are now upset they didn't get to see him. Everyone wants him back, all three boys fit in here so well. I would recommend them to anyone.

Theresa Snare - President - Teller County Fair - Cripple Creek, CO

Thank you for pitching the Sting Police to us!  Our community loved the energy and vibrance of this band.  Our audience was up and dancing all through out the night, and left with rave reviews.  We would love to have them return to our theatre.

Dr. W. Jim Smith - Executive Director - City of Morganton Municipal Auditorium - Morganton, NC

I like working with Serge Entertainment because they are professional and they know the right buttons to push. They are not too pushy and it’s nice to work with them because they are experienced and it makes things easier for me.

Carl Beason, talent buyer/stage manager, Hickory Smoke & Flat Rock Festivals

Music Professional’s Testimonials

Sandy is consistently head and shoulders above her peers. She is diligent in ensuring she provides the best suited services for clients at all strata of the entertainment industry, and yet treats them all equal in service satisfaction.

David Farrell, Ministry Administrator to Dove Award Nominees & Charisma Magazine’s Most Influential Women Ministers

Having been in the music business in many capacities since the mid-fifties, I’ve heard countless great projects by various groups and solo artists that went absolutely nowhere. It wasn’t until I took the position of A&R Director at Liberty/Imperial/United Artists that I learned the one important missing link and that’s a great public relations push to “get the name out there”. I can truthfully say after having worked with many PR people that the absolute best individual I have ever come in contact with is Ms. Sandy Serge. As opposed to being “pushy” as some are, Sandy’s approach is honest, straight to the point, and effective besides being most economical for that new artist who wants personal attention. Sandy has done wonders for many talented people who have hired her services and I can honestly recommend her firm to any individual or group who wants recognition. As the saying goes, “You get what you pay for”…in Sandy’s case, you get MORE than what you pay for…a rare factor in our industry.

Scott Turner, producer/publisher/hit songwriter and Owner of Buried Treasure Music, Captain Kidd Music, Scott Turner Productions

In all the years I have known Sandy, not once has she missed following through with a promise. She stands by her word and always does more than is expected. You can rely on her to get any and every project done right. In short, Sandy Serge is someone you can trust.

Allen Foster, Songwriter’s Monthly

We found Serge Entertainment/Public Relations to be very thorough and professional in their PR campaign for Full Moon Bay. They took a brand new unknown group and got us reviews in several publications, which really helped our credibility with both the music industry and with consumers. We were very impressed with Serge PR’s positive energy, their creativity, and most important of all, their relentless follow-up.

Robert Hauver, President, Hudson Valley Records

If I had to describe Sandy Serge in one short phrase, I would say ‘a helper of musicians’.” In the past eleven years, I have had the privilege of befriending and working closely in the music industry with Ms. Serge. She continues to work selflessly and tirelessly – with conviction – for the musicians she believes in. She has repeatedly proven that communication is the key to building relationships within the industry and she emulates that philosophy in all of her undertakings. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her devotion to musicians remains unsurpassed in the music industry. Should any obstacle stand in her way, she will go around it. I highly recommend Ms. Serge and feel confident she will be an effective part of any team.

Bob Patton, President, Bob Patton Associates

[The newsletter Sandy designed] is a valuable asset to our company. The overall positive tenor and the demonstrated business growth attitude of her contributors is refreshing and revitalizing. Sandy has provided (and is) a beacon of light in the murkiness of this business.

Raun Kilgo, Director, Business Development, AT&T Tridom

Just a note to express my personal & deep appreciation to you for your tremendous contributions to the success of the Tridom Users Group meeting. Based on the comments we have received from our customers and fellow associates, this year’s conference was a resounding success and I thank you for your active participation and for all your efforts to make this year’s TUG so successful.

Michael Escoe, Marketing Director, AT&T Tridom

Sandy assisted us with creating marketing presentations for our clients The Coca-Cola Company, Turner International, CNN, The Bacardi Corporation, Price-Waterhouse, and Wilson Foods Corporation. I found Ms. Serge to be bright, energetic, detail-oriented, determined, a hard-worker, and a joy to have as a part of our team.

Ricardo C. Carvalho, President, The Latin American Company

Artist’s Testimonials

Serge Entertainment, from the first time I asked them to book my SLAMM show, they came up with some great concert dates quickly as well as using them for PR/publicity for my Guitar Zeus CDs…THEY KICKED ASS!! Sandy Serge was great to work with…efficient and on the ball from sending out press releases to setting up myspace & facebook accounts, and artwork. They do it all…great job!!

Carmine Appice, legendary drummer for Vanilla Fudge, Rod Stewart, Guitar Zeus, many more

For several years, Serge Entertainment PR has helped Lisa LaRue 2KX reach the press, DJ’s, reviewers and fans around the world. In music, there’s also a business side – and Sandy and her crew have helped build and cement these numerous relationships. When doing solo work, work with my band, or any music project, I will always consider having Serge Entertainment PR as part of the team.

Lisa Larue, prog rock keyboardist, composer, and record label owner

Being a ‘starving artist’, I was amazed at how much Serge Entertainment was able to do for me for the reasonable price that I paid for their services. They submitted my music to countless radio stations where my music was a fit and I got radio airplay within a month. I received positive press including a front page picture of myself in my hometown paper’s weekend entertainment paper and a full page article. That was a really effective marketing tool for me, as I had people recognizing me and calling me up to congratulate me. I also received a six page interview in a quality songwriter e-zine, full color, full of facts about my songs and songwriting that I hadn’t gotten to express previously. I had positive reviews for my album and my music submitted to countless opportunities for licensing deals. And to top it off, Serge Entertainment even helped me secure important gigs in and around Atlanta, including a high-paying festival. Sandy Serge is kind, courteous, a hard-worker, and supportive. She even came out to see two of my shows and cheered me on. I’ve valued the experience of having her in my corner to help me chase my dream, and I would recommend her services to anyone out there who wants recognition for the hard work they put into their music. Serge Entertainment will see to the best of their abilities that your talent and art do not go unnoticed.

Abby Parks, folk singer/songwriter

Sandy and Serge Entertainment are a pleasure to work with. From day one, their efforts have pushed the band forward, often working beyond the call of duty.

John Payne of Asia Featuring John Payne

Serge Entertainment Public Relations has been an invaluable partner for my label, Think Tank Media. Sandy and Mark have worked tirelessly to get our artists into the charts and also into some difficult magazine markets. Thanks to SEPR, our titles are selling better than ever, and we are seeing a lot more action in general, particularly in the USA.

Erik Norlander, Owner, Think Tank Media, independent record label

As a working independent artist I can’t say enough about the good things that have happened to us since we began working with Serge Entertainment. Serge Entertainment has become an invaluable part of our promotional team. Sandy and her staff diligently pursue angles that we would never even have thought of. Our shows have been boosted by key newspaper articles, live radio interviews, in-store appearances and new bookings. On a recent tour of North Carolina, there were articles about the band in each town we entered. Serge Entertainment goes the extra yard for the working artist. Thanks Sandy!

John Moossa of the band MOOSSA

Polemic has worked with Serge Entertainment Public Relations since the fall of 2003. Our relationship began with nationwide publicity for Polemic’s second full length, Plastic On The Mouth Hole. Numerous online and print reviews were written concerning the album over the span of approx. 10 months. Through such efforts Polemic landed a licensing deal with the producers of the MTV show ‘Made,’ licensing the entirety of the 2003 release. To further note, a plethora of interviews and articles have been written about Polemic. Serge Entertainment has also covered tour publicity for Polemic with positive results. I cannot stress how important that type of coverage has been for us while playing out of town in markets that previously did not know who we were. Polemic continues to currently work with Serge Entertainment for tour publicity due to such positive results. We highly recommend Serge Entertainment to any band/solo artist trying to achieve an audience and existence outside of their present circle.

McKenna Mackie/Polemic

I have been working with Sandy for six months ending June 30, 2001 and I am happy to say that I’ve renewed my agreement with her because I know that without Sandy and her efforts I simply could not have accomplished on my own what she has been able to do for me. Sandy is a true professional and she’s always on the ball with everything. I look forward to the future and what my association with Sandy will bring.

Lea Brennan, Singer/Songwriter

I’m very fortunate to have someone like Serge Entertainment help me take my career to the next level. It’s important to have someone in the business you can trust.

Dominic Gaudious, New Age Guitarist

Sandy Serge is one of the few, if not the only person I have met ‘in the music business’ that is sincere, honest and to be trusted. Her knowledge and know-how of the shark-infested waters of modern day musical matter is second to none. Where she finds the time and motivation is beyond me, but she has proven time and again that there ARE 8 days in a week, contrary to earlier speculation and belief. If only the industry would follow suit…..! I sincerely believe that Sandy has the drive, the quality and integrity to guide and take my new band The Moon to higher heights.

Andrew Elt, lead vocalist for The Moon, former lead vocalist for the Dutch band Sleeze Beez

I highly recommend Sandy Serge and Serge Entertainment Public Relations to help further your own musical career. Due to her diligent work on my behalf, she has helped me gain more business connections. It pays to work with someone like Sandy who already HAS the ‘music connections’!

John Masino, guitarist/singer/songwriter, leader of the rock bands Masino and Neptune

I have found Sandy to be easy to work with and completely honest…two qualities I have learned are not always found in this industry. She has worked tirelessly….and shows no signs of letting up!

David Fry, singer/songwriter/musician, leader of alternative band Waist High Bandits

...I think Sandy does fantastic work. I have been affiliated with people before and they always seemed to be all talk and no action. Working with Sandy is a very refreshing change.

Marty Gassner, singer/songwriter/musician

Your newsletter Music Morsels is truly a very well put together magazine – informative and educational for those who are trying to break into the music business. I think it will guard them from some of the pitfalls beginners sometimes fall into.

Martha Carson, singer/songwriter/musician/National recording artist